Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bob Blogs

Bob Eggleton embarks on a painting-a-day project and a blog. As Bob would say, kewl!

The fun part of doing these paintings quickly is that it teaches you to be observant, and timing them to an hour or less, you get what you get and don't get too picky or fussy."


Anonymous said...

Hi BOB, I can relate to the painting a day (or just in an hour). I have always wanted to paint so now that I am retired (on disability) (age 57)I have picked it up (painting that is)and I am having a ball. And, Hey, they are "kewel".PS. I haven't had any art clases. Well not since High School.


Tracy Flynn Art said...

I think it is great,the painting a day is something I would like to try one of these days......did do a drawing a day for a while, had a blast doing so.

Went to Bob's site, and saw some incredible works, and found another fan of the Drive in movie theatres!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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