Monday, April 16, 2007

Amazing Visions Opening

I didn't make it out to the Amazing Visions opening but Greg Manchess did, and he sent along these pictures. It looks like a nice presentation and a nice crowd. Good luck to the artists, I know a number of the paintings are already sold.

Crowds. Brom, Todd Lockwood, and Brain Despain

PAINTING: Brian Despain.


Once Upon a Time Challenge said...

I love Brian Despain's artwork. I have two of his robot prints hanging in my bathroom. With the colors and other stuff in there it gives it sort of a steampunk vibe. Great stuff. Love the robotic octopus.

Anonymous said...

A very nice show, with a very healthy turn out. I met lots of excellent artists and said hi to many who were in the Spectrum Show, that Irene curated, who traveled far to be a part of this.
Wish there were more shows of this nature.

Anonymous said...

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