Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Eating

Rebecca Guay is in town – yay! So, of course, dinner. Minutes before this photo was taken there was an amazing dark chocolate fondue on the table. Rebecca is in town for a number for reasons, a Magic tournament is among them. I envy the artists that Magic sends them all over the world to attend these tournaments. I may try to stop by and check it out in the next few days, although someone warned me that unless you are playing, it’s “a bit like watching a chess game, only geeky.”

PHOTO: Dan Dos Santos, Dave and Tony Palumbo, Donato Goancola, Julie Bell, Rebecca Guay, and Boris Vallejo.

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Lana Gramlich said...

Dark chocolate fondue??? *drooling like Homer Simpson.* In a similar vein, I'd recently nominated a local restaurant to be on "Kitchen Nightmares." Knowing they don't operate like that, I didn't expect a response. Today I got one, though. The casting director for the show (who found my e-mail "hysterical,") is coming to town this weekend & it seems that we'll be going out for dinner on Tuesday! (At a GOOD restaurant.) Life is a strange, interesting adventure.