Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thumbnails: Nic Klein

Thumbnails: 30 Second Interviews

Nic Klein, one of many ConceptArt.org finds for me. I'm killing two birds with one stone here - not only is he someone for my "Thumbnails", he's also on my "Wish List"

Do you have to like the book/comic to be excited about the project?

No. Every Project has potential for something exciting, whether it is the characters, the composition of the piece, or just a technical aspect. In fact being a fan of something and then getting the chance to work on it could even be a bit of bad thing, because you might have such a clear image of the characters or what previous Illustrators might've done with a property that it blocks your own creativity, and thus might turn into a disaster.

What are you working on now?

Right Now I am painting an Comic Issue for Marvel MAX, It is Issue 4 of "Dead of Night:Man-thing". It is the first time for me painting a whole issue so I am excited.

Favorite color?

Pink & Blue (baby blue almost turquoise), I know, weird.

Favorite painting you did in the past year?

It's a tie between the Spectra Pulse cover for Bantam Dell Publishing and the Starlord#1 [third image] cover for Marvel comics. The Spectra piece for all the stuff that is going on in it, and for the freedom I had in making it. The starlord piece because it was the first Marvel cover I did, and it has a great energy to it.

Do you have a set image in your mind when you first start sketching or do you start out abstractly and let the process of doodling take over?
This is a tricky one. I think there are very few artists that I know that can claim to have the ability to capture exactly what is in their head. I am not one of them, sometimes more sometimes less, but making art or an Illustration is always a process for me. I start out with an idea and elements will be added or taken away as I see fit. Obviously this depends on what the illustration is for and how much freedom I have/or what needs to be communicated with a piece. With personal work I have no one to answer to but myself so this is the most spontaneous work, although some jobs where the Art direction is loose this also applies.


Anonymous said...

Good interview!

Anonymous said...

Great interview Irene, Nic is a hell of a talent and deserves a spotlight or three.

Tom Scholes said...

Thanks for the interview :)
Big fan of Nic's use of pink and baby blue and in general of course!

Anonymous said...




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