Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Good Year for the Robots

The Art Department seems to be full of moving pictures lately. Apologies for that. It's a phase. But I ran into "A Good Year for the Robots" while poking around the internets and immediately wanted everybody to see it.

The faux documentary/music video of awkward Alex the Robot on a quest to respond more like his human co-workers says, in four minutes, what others have taken entire books and movies to say. Superbly acted and shot, you feel his isolation, resolve to adapt, small moments of opportunity, the obvious prejudice against him and the quiet discomfort some of his coworkers feel around him....

But more to the point, just watch it and see if you don't love Alex the "guyslashrobot."

UPDATE, SORTA: It just occurs to that I never mentioned that this is a video for a band called Coparck. Hurray on them for getting a movie made rather than a mere decoration for their song.


Chuck said...

Any band that digs PK Dick, is solid in my book.. Another Ok Computer perhaps..??

Hector said...

I agree, great video indeed, I liked it a lot...

Anonymous said...

Wow- that was beautiful! A massive story told in the space of a song- I would love to know who came up with that idea. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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