Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Greg Manchess' MicroVisions

Apologies for the piecemeal posts but I seem to be too impatient to wait for these to gang up, I'm posting hem as they come in.

Here's Greg Manchess with jet-pack dreams.

April Fool's is our deadline, I'm amazed how ahead of schedule these guys have been. It's unheard of.

Still to come: Michael Whelan, Wesley Allsbrook, Francis Vallejo, and Michael Kaluta.


Tyler Davis said...

That guy is so amazing. I can't wait until the bidding starts! The others look amazing too. MicroVisions. Pure fun.

Frame Theory said...

This one looks kool

Steven Gould said...

Very nice--reminiscent of Robert T. McCall, particularly this one:

ces said...

I think he should have allowed all 3 to be shown and then let us vote!

I love the background and its colours.

Oh, and the Rock Creek Tavern rocks!

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is so great. It is an image that makes me think back to childhood and why I fell in love with science fiction.

Bud Cook said...

Great painting. Makes me think of Jeff Jones. Nice work as always Greg!