Saturday, April 18, 2009

Patriots' Day

Happy Patriots' Day.

We're up in Lexington and Concord, watching reenactments of the first 24 hours of revolution.

I'll bore ya'll with pictures later. In meantime, enjoy a few Paul Reveres: Harold Von Schmidt, William Robinson Leigh, Greg Harlin, and N. C. Wyeth.


Mike Dutton said...

I've always loved that Wyeth piece.

This is an oooooldie of mine, and it's not exactly Paul Revere, but the Highwayman from the Alfred Noyes poem, but I thought it was fitting for this blog post anyway.

Sometimes, I wish the west coast had a little more US history from the earliest days. :/

ces said...

Yeah, the Wyeth is fantastic!

Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

I born there! In Concord.

Irene Gallo said...

Mike - I can;t seem to get the ink to work -- I'd love to see it.

bob -- did you grow up in Concord? Seems like a lovely town. Hard to believe how close to Boston it all is.

Mike Dutton said...

Hmm, how strange. It still works here.

At any rate, I wrote a short blog post about your blog post and put the image up there. It's definitely up now if you wanna swing on by. :)

francisvallejo said...


Eric Braddock said...

Irene-Nice little selection you have here! Thanks for posting these, but now you have me wanting to go back to the Brandywine again!

Mike- great post on your blog! Your "oldie" illustration is beautiful. The expressions on their faces contrast one another really nice, heh.. the horse's reminds me of George Stubbs.. such as this one

either way, all of these works are amazing.. and cmon, who doesn't love NC Wyeth? seriously.

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