Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aleksi Briclot and Jean Sebastien Rossbach's Merlin

Anyone following the Spectrum annuals has, no doubt, noticed a number of amazing paintings from Aleksi Briclot and Jean-Sebastien Rossbach. Many of those images have been leading up to the publication of their long-awaited retelling of Merlin. The book is finally out and available. Hurray! Yes, it's only in French, but with 112 pages of four-color art, I do not care.

Jean-Sebastien has done book covers for Tor and I've had the pleasure of meeting Aleksi at the last couple Conceptart.org workshops. I know this has been a true labour of love for them. Congrats guys!


Eric Braddock said...

I need this book. Want is an understatement. Amazing, amazing work.

Peter Tikos said...

A long awaited book, and it's a masterpiece as I figured!

ces said...

Didn't spectrum alsomention that an english version will be available?

tlchang said...

*Will* an English version be available??? I've purchased Jean Baptiste Monge books, which are also completely in French. They're gorgeous, but I wish I could understand the captions at least. :-)

This one looks *amazing*!!!