Friday, August 28, 2009

Makers, sorta

If you haven't read Cory Doctorow's Makersand you just look at the Idiots' Books illustration tiles for its serialization on (24 episodes out of 81 so far) it goes like this:

Once upon a time there were two dinosaurs. And lots of people that went off to build something. Until it burnt down. They rebuilt it but there was a rat in the mix! (Isn't there always.) They were very industrious and good at multitasking until...Sabotage! And love. And maybe a little crabbiness. The usual ups and downs and ideological wars -- punk rock keepin' it real Vs. Helvetica men in ties. But with marriage in the air and death on the horizon.....
After seeing sketches for the first few tiles, we let Idiots' Books run with the project without sticking our noses in...which means it's as much of a surprise (and delight) to me each week as it is to anyone else. I am very excited to let a few more weeks go by so I can read more of their translation.

Idiots Books are awesome and the Makers tile game -- in which you can reconfigure the story in many, many ways.

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