Friday, September 04, 2009

James Gurney to paint and interview Walt and Roger Reed at Art Out Loud

Attention Illustration nerds!

Walt and Roger Reed will be sitting for a portrait by James Gurney during Art Out Loud, while Jim also conducts an informal interview with them.

Walt Reed wrote the book on American illustration.He is it's foremost historian, and owner, with Roger Reed, of Illustration House. I've only had a few encounters with Walt but his love for storytelling is clear and infectious. Anytime I have been in the Illustration House gallery he has been eager to talk to me (a stranger to him) about both the history of the painting and the history being depicting. He is a treasure in the field.

"The sincerity and the purity of [Walt Reed's] love for the art form is an aesthetic experience all by itself." -- David Apatoff

Unfortunately (or, I suppose, fortunately) Art Out Loud sold out a few days after it was announced, but we will document and post as much of it as possible.


Mike Dutton said...

I visited Society of Illustrators for the first time around 10 years ago, thinking there was a museum inside... mainly because a book I had, called America's Famous Illustrators, which credited a bunch of my favorite pieces as being from the "Collection of the Museum of Society of Illustrators". I didn't realize this meant they were all buried in archives out of public view. So I visited Illustration House, and even though I was just a scrawny art student walk-in, who obviously was not in the market to buy original art, Roger was kind enough to go into his archives and pull out a bunch of Dean Cornwell drawings for me to look through. What a class act.

p.s. Was nice to finally have met you back in July, Irene, even if it was brief!

Zelda Devon said...

How crazy cool is this! Kurt and I met Walt at the Illustration House. So humbling to have been in his presence. The illustration geek in me is making it very hard to contain my excitement for next week.