Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Greg Manchess on the Wheel of Time Lord of Chaos ebook cover

The next of our Wheel of Time ebook covers is up! For Lord of Chaos we present a signature battle of the series, Dumai’s Wells, as portrayed by Greg Manchess.

As usual, all the details can be found in the Tor.com post, including our groovy “sliding” cover, Greg’s thoughts on composing the image, and a
super-cool time-lapse video of Greg working on the painting from beginning to end.

All Wheel of Time ebook posts are archived here.
Which include:
David Grove on The Eye of the World
Kekai Kotaki on The Great Hunt
Donato Giancola on The Dragon Reborn
Sam Weber on The Shadow Rising
Dan Dos Santos on The Fires of Heaven


Alex Lyon said...

I am really loving the collection of the different artists with these Wheel of Time ebook covers. I need to get over there and check out the video for this piece. The above the Timberline video Manchess did was great.

Sam Wolfe Connelly said...

these covers are all so AWESOME. i just started reading the series and i am sooooo excited, oh my gosh.

Anonymous said...

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Ted said...

Oh my god, you guys have to start releasing these covers as prints.