Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scott Bakal’s MicroVisions

Scott Bakal’s “Rebellion” in the Galactic War for Rainbow Juice.

About a year ago Scott started a super-cute series of drawings about aliens landing in central park and scoping out NY. I fell in love with the guys and have been asking him, “What’s their story!?” ever since.

Scott is also the chairman of the Society of Illustrators student scholarship exhibit — he knows first hand how much the work of all the MicroVision artists is appreciated by the students. The Scholarship program is a huge job so extra thanks goes to Scott for taking the time to participate.


bill said...

Some of Scott's alien pieces were entered in Spectrum 17. There is this irresistible urge to stop and let the story open up. During the jurying I couldn't stop as long as I would have liked. Really charming illustrations. I would love to see them as a whole. And thanks, by the way, for helping take care of the students Scott.

Anonymous said...

Irene: Thanks for doing Microvisions! It really is a great thing just to see the art but the end result of thousands going to students for the student competition is wonderful. I was surprised you asked me to contribute this year but honored and grateful...and the work done for this is wonderful.

Bill: Thanks Bill! I have one of these Alien pieces in #16.

This has been something I've been playing with for at least 2 years now in my sketchbooks and finally this year, I've decided I've worked it out enough to put it out there. In June, I have a gallery exhibition in Boston dedicated to these characters and the second half of the year, I will fulfill Irene's wishes and tell the true and incredible stories of these aliens.

May 7th is this years Scholarship opening and awards gala...the work this year is astounding!