Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nightmare Before Christmas 3D

Via Drawn!, via Cartoon Brew.

Releasing October 20th. I can't wait! I've made it a tradition to wrap presents while watching “Nightmare”. It'll be great to see it on the big screen again....and in 3D!


Eugene said...

Woo! I don't care if this is an obvious attempt to cash in on an old movie--I saw this on the big screen a few years ago when they rereleased it at Halloween, and it was a great experience. Even if I own it at home (albeit on laserdisc), this is in 3-D, and thus, a completely different thing :)

Blake said...

Heh, if you relax the focus on you eyes you can kind of see what it will look like. Very cool.

Irene Gallo said...

Hey Eugene,

Nice to see you here!

Yeah, NIGHTMARE and the Pixar movies are among few cases where I have fallen for the merchandising. I can't resist — the stories are so great and the designs are too. I hate it when so much work is put into the design of a movie that they forget to tell the much wasted effort.

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