Friday, September 22, 2006

More Stephan

Shall we continue the Stephan Martiniere love fest?

Here is the cover to his upcoming art book, Quantumscapes, due out in December from Design Studio Press.

(Has anyone else noticed that the covers to Stephan’s, Jon Foster’s, and JJ Palencar’s art books all use Tor covers on their cover? I’m just sayin’.)

And, here is the cover to Daniel Abraham’s Betrayal in Winter. (It is the sequel to A Shadow in Summer.)The art was done ages ago, but the book is just going into our catalog now. We just got in enough information to begin the “Autumn” installment of this quartet. As much as I’ve loved what Stephan has done with Summer and Winter, Fall is my favorite season, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for that. (No pressure, Stephan!)


cmalidore said...

Absolutely gorgeous covers. Oh yes.

Daniel A said...

I've only just found the blog here, and in case I haven't fallen abjectly at your & Mr. Martinere's feet, let me do so now.

I *love* these covers. Love 'em. I am the envy of my freinds and colleagues; people have stopped speaking to me. (Not really, but the thought's there.)

Daniel Abraham

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