Thursday, August 31, 2006

John Jude Palencar Art Book

I asked Arnie Fenner if he could tease us with a few pages from the upcoming John Jude Palencar book, Origins. (I'm proud to see that it’s sporting artwork commissioned for a Charles de Lint Tor cover....particularly one that I never thought I’d get approved!) I believe it will release in late November. John is one of our masters in the field. He has a truly unique voice that can be haunting, ethereal, sensual, and disturbing...often at the same time. I know he is one of our in-house favorites. Whenever a new Palencar painting comes in everyone wants to get a look.He’ll be the guest of honor at the upcoming World Fantasy Convention. I’m looking forward to that trip for a number of reasons, not least of all for the opportunity to see more of his work in the flesh.

[Click on the images to get larger views.]


Josh Jasper said...

I'm proud to see that it’s sporting artwork commissioned for a Charles de Lint Tor cover....particularly one that I never thought I’d get approved!

Too much nudity? It's a great painting. I agree about the disturbign angle, which I think is underappreciated in art. Something that cen be disturbing and not overtly disgusting is valuable in that it evokes emotions without blatantly doing so.

Apropos of that, Munch's "The Scream" was recovered recently.

Irene Gallo said...

Yeah, I was worried about the nudity. That fact that it was a re-issue and not a new book helped, I think.

The Fenners made a promo postcard of ORIGINS to hand out at ComicCon and they were told they couldn't leave it on the "freebie" table...But then ComicCon's censors love to catch people. I was sitting behind Donato's booth when an 11 year old girl pointed to a drawing and screamed in terror, "LOOK DADY! LOOK!" It was a typical, classical, figure drawing of a woman, hardly anything anyone could complain about. Her dad was on staff and, I suppose, it was his job to find nudity and snuff it out. The little snot was so gleeful in her priggishness, I hoped that her lollipop would get stuck in her hair. To Donato's credit, he took the drawing down rather than place tape over the breasts.

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