Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cherie Preist

After getting in to work at 4:00PM due to a raging migraine all morning, it was pretty great to see an email titled "Just in case no one has told you you are awesome today." Editor Liz Gorinksi sent me a link to some praise from Cherie Priest. (Four and Twenty Blackbirds, by the way, is an excellent read. I hope to get back to the other two at some point.) Now: Headache gone, back is aint so bad.

Thanks to John Jude Palencar (who has often told me he particularly likes working on these books) for the artwork and Peter Lutjen for the awesome design.


cherie_priest said...

Call it karma, then -- because I was having a long, crappy day at work until I saw your post (thanks to Liz, who linked me; you're on my bloglines feed, but I don't check it until I get home in the afternoon :) ). So for the record, yes -- thank you times a million, for you are terribly, terribly awesome!

Carl V. Anderson said...

What a wonderful email. I haven't read any of these but look longingly at the covers every time I see them in the store. Guess its time to pick one up and check it out!

Anonymous said...