Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Voices From the Street

Here's one that is out in the stores now. Deign by Peter Lutjen. The tricky part here was taking a mainstream novel and making it look sf-nal enough to let bookstores shelve it wherever they feel their costumers are most likely to look for it. The thumbnails show some alternates. I still like the first of the alternates best but Sales felt it wasn't striking the science fiction cords hard enough. We are publishing four early Philip K. Dick novels. Peter is at work on Humpty Dumpty in Oakland right now.


Andre Rivas said...

Agreed. The first design is the best one. Leave it to "Sales" to water down good design.
Excited to hear that there is a US publicaiton of Humpty Dumpty in Oakland forthcoming.
I won't spend $30-$90 for an eBay/UK copy in that case.

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