Wednesday, March 21, 2007

David Grove, Hall of Famer

I've been meaning to show off David Grove's cover and drawings for Gene Wolfe's Pirate Freedom for a while...And now, I just learned that David will be inducted into the Illustrators' Hall of Fame this summer. I couldn't be more thrilled for David. He is an amazing artist and this honor is well deserved. I come into work each day with one of his drawings on my wall and it makes me smile every morning. I love how abstract and spontaneous he can be within the bounds of realism -- he can tell a story without ever giving too much of it away.

Pirate Freedom
will feature about 20 drawings at the chapter breaks and will be out in November.


Anonymous said...

An appropriate N. C. Wyeth feel to the Pirate cover.

francis tsai said...

nice - his stuff reminds me of Bob Peak.

Robert Hunt said...

David Grove is a truly great illustrator and a classy gentleman, I am very happy that he is to receive this great honor.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Interesting looking Wolfe book with a fantastic cover! I will definitely be snagging this one.

Unknown said...

As I just wrote on the Gene Wolfe mailing list:

I am so very happy that Tor has got David Grove illustrating Wolfe's books. I really like Grove's covers and the internal illustrations are also really nifty. I think he's a great fit for Wolfe and hope they will have many more years and many more books together.

(Can't say I like the font on Pirate Freeom. But it's not that bad.)

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