Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moore College Visit

A group of students from Moore College of Art and Design stopped by Tor for a quick talk. A nice bunch with good questions. I wish them all the best of luck in their studies and their careers.

(As you can see, I made myself at home in our conference room, making it resemble my office in a frightening way.)


Unknown said...


Is that an actual program offered by Tor to the colleges or just a special thing that sort of happened.

It would have beena great thing to go to when I was in school, but there was such a division between AV folks and Fine Arts that it would have only been for the ones in advertising to go, and none of the others invited. No one at the time ......or at least in that school thought that Illustration was a fine art, so I was left cold.


Unknown said...

Oh yeah............your office looks like my studio/office except it is lacking one of my works ...........roflmao!!!!!!!


Korsaktion said...

Hey Irene,

I ran into a bunch of these students while giving out th Scholarship Awards at the Society of Illustrators yesterday. At least I think I did.
This group of girls kept talking about Tor this and Tor that. I'm sure you showed them a good time.


Irene Gallo said...

Hi Tracy,
I tend to speak at 2 to 4 college classes a year, if anyone ask to bring a class in I try to accommodate them. If it’s one of the local schools I usually go to their classroom. Some schools from out of town will rent out a room at the Society and bring lecturers in. I’m not very organized about it – I just talk at a mile a minute and go through my process – then I hope the students have lots of good questions.

Mark - How did the scholarships go? That's one of my favorite things the Society does. I'm looking forward to seeing the show.

Korsaktion said...

The Scholarship Competition this year is staggering. Very high quality work. Lots of paint. Lot's of figurative imagery. Lot's of different schools represented. And wait till you see next years poster!

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