Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Man Standing 3 is on!!!!

There are hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators cheering this week. The third annual Last Man Standing competition has been announced and began registration today.


Last Man Standing is an art competition cooked up by Cody Tilson. 320 participants will battle each other by drawing and painting an illustration of a given topic. Participants are randomly paired and judged, winners moving on to further rounds until there is just one man (or, as was the case last year, one woman) left standing.

The competition takes the better part of year to complete and it’s a blast to follow. Like the Tour de France, skill will see people to the final rounds, but you can’t escape random events that will knock out some worthy opponents or give a lesser experienced artists break to take advantage of, or not. Great drama.

This year, besides including more participants than ever before, Cody has outdone himself by creating a cohesive website dedicated to following the competition -- interviews with participants, an invite to all participants to post step-by-step demos of their entries, and other goodies. Images from past events have been published in Spectrum, Expose, Imagine FX, and other places, I’m sure.

Let the games begin.

Earlier post, including a quick interview with Cody and some images.
"It was born out of my own need to get off my then-lazy ass and work towards my own artistic development, and an opportunity to include hundreds of other artists in the process." -- Cody Tilson


Cody said...

Awww shucks, Irene... thanks for the post! I can think of few people as perfect for the Last Man Standing Judging Panel as you, I hope you're still in for another tour of duty.

Irene Gallo said...

Sir, it would be an honor...Not to mention fun.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea!

Mike Dutton said...

This is in no way my attempt to sweeten up one of the newly appointed judges, but I just wanted to say how stoked I was to see my art in the screenshot from the LMS website here on your blog.... although I realize the banner image generator is completely randomized. :P

Can't wait to see what new images appear on the site throughout LMS3!

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