Thursday, November 15, 2007

Society of Illos Lecture

A big "thank you" to all that showed up or tuned in last night. We had a packed house and I've gotten a lot of nice email this morning. I'll do a full report tonight or tomorrow but in the meantime, I'll point you to the archived video. Yes, if you have two hours that you are desperate to kill, you can watch the whole thing. Just fast forward through the "Is this thing on?" phase -- Donato Giancola and Dan Dos Santos did an amazing job, well worth watching.

Go the the Society's page and click on:
Live Broadcasting Tonight! Fall Lecture Series; Science Fiction Illustration.


Jorge Mascarenhas said...

Thanks for posting this, Irene. It is always interesting to hear the stories behind the artists...

RichD said...

It was a very interesting and entertaining 2 hours. I watched the live stream and had a great time. Sound and picture were great the entire time.
It was good that some of the questions were addressed to Irene, very insightful.
Thanks to all 3 of you for agreeing to do this.

M. C. Matz said...

Geez, I was so busy yesterday I didn't get to reading blogs until this morning so I missed the livestream.
Any plans to post it up on YouTube or Google Video?

Anonymous said...


I missed the live show too but the lecture is still online, just not especially easy to find.

If you go to then click on the "View archive..." link (even though it's under a headline about October 24th's presentation) you'll get a popup window with links to the three available presentations.

The address of that popup page is:

Just in case the comment field size truncates it, here are the components:




Irene Gallo said...

Drew - Thanks for the walk-through. The Society is starting to revamp their site - it'll be a while but hopefully everything will be more intuitive on the new site.

Thanks everyone for tunning in. The streaming has been a fun expieriement. I know a number of professors have been assigning them to their classes. Hopefully in the future we can have people email questions in as the lecture proceeds.

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