Monday, February 18, 2008

Boskone: Sunday

Boskone is always one of my favorites - it's one of the few conventions where I get to spend as much time talking to authors as artists...And they're not such a bad not, those authors.

I also love that the New England con runners tend to make an effort to give historical context to the artwork. The last Boston World Con had a large and wonderful show of sf/f art through the ages, last year's Boskone had a Hubert Rogers show, and this year there was a sampling of past Artists Guests of Honor painting. They had work from Vin di Fate, James Gurney, John Schoenherr, and others on display.

And speaking of Guests of Honor, it seems that I will be one of them next year, along with Jo Walton and someone named Dr. Seti. Any normal person would rest assured that they have three hundred and sixty-five days to think of something to say. I, however, am sure to worry about stage fright all year. Despite that, I am honored and very much looking forward to it.


First set:

Omar Rayyan showing off his wares. Charles Stross. Dave Seeley.

The rest:

Unquestionably, the highlight of Boskone each year is hanging out with Rick Berry at his studio -- some good company, a little music, great conversation, and whole lot of paint.

In the oh-so-wholesome group shot it's
Karl Schroeder, me, Toby Buckell, and Rick. (Sadly, Robert Wiener is missing from the shot.)


John Picacio said...

Hey, congrats on the GOH gig next year! That's awesome! :)

Amazingly, I can't recall a con where you've been GOH. Is this actually the first? Seems long overdue, if so. So is your official Boskone tag next year gonna be "Art Director Guest of Honor"?

Pablo Defendini said...

Wow, congrats, Irene!

Irene Gallo said...

Thanks, guys. Yeah, it is a first for me. Hence the worry!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I think it's very well deserved.

Kate Nepveu said...

(well, that'll teach me not to sign in via OpenID without checking what it'll show up as . . . )

Tobias Buckell said...

Wow, I love that group shot, it came out awesome.