Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Lockwood Affair

I got to see a bit of this unfold from Todd’s point of view over the weekend. It was a bit of a panic but, thankfully, everyone seems to have come through in good stead. While I certainly regret Todd’s stressful weekend, I think a number of his friends were all enjoying the lemonade of seeing the huge response of the image as it spread throughout the internet.

From Multichannel:

"Upper Deck Entertainment commissioned the hush-hush artwork from award-winning fantasy artist Todd Lockwood and used it to develop a Stephen Colbert card they hoped to include in their upcoming World of Warcraft TCG (trading card game) deck.

But, according to Lockwood, Upper Deck was forced to shelve the card after Colbert’s reps rejected the idea. And Lockwood’s art never saw the light of day – until an unknown someone distributed it on the Internet........"


Unknown said...

i saw this on a user's StumbleUpon page, and then i saw the signature. Great image.
I hope Colbert talks about it on his show. Maybe even get Todd on the air to talk about it.

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is fun. It is unfortunate that Colbert's reps rejected this as I would have expected them to be more embracing of fun things like this.

Mark Winters said...

Great art and I love the card description! Hilarious!

Chuck said...

Brilliant !! I've the Image Comics illo from the sleeve of "I am America, and so can you" up on my cork board... Now, I'm gonna have to get this one.. :))

Doogman said...

One unintended side effect of this whole brouhaha is that Todd has (finally!) decided to start blogging! We just overhauled his creaky WordPress blog and brought it up to fighting trim. It's now open for bidnezz. http://www.toddlockwood.com/blog/

RSS feed and everything.

The man's a monstah. Enjoy.

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