Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cathie Bleck, scratchboard on a grand scale.

Cathie Bleck has a new show opening in Ohio.
Butler Institute of American Art
Sep 14, 2008 -- Oct 26, 2008

I love how personal her work is. It's impossible not to come up with some kind of mythology in it, and yet nothing is so overstated that a specific interpretation is forced on the viewer. Like the natural elements she portrays, her paintings are bold and sensual with plants and animals in constant motion, beautiful but rarely placid.

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Apotheosis said...

I love CB's work mostly because of the individuality it displays as it clearly jumps out of the ordinary. I like your comment about some 'hidden mythology' waiting to break the surface. So true!

Tony Shasteen said...

Beautiful work! I've always loved scratchboard. In this digital age it seems like it's a dying art form.

It's interesting to see her use Kaolin clay. I was wondering how she works so large, since most prefab scraperboards aren't available in that size. Not where I've found them anyway. Looks like Kaolin has mainly been used for industrial purposes or in the cosmetic industry?

Francis Vallejo said...