Saturday, September 27, 2008

Indulging Obsessions: Animation

I begged the PTB (Powers That Be, in Buffy speak) at to let me run a series of cool animations that I have, or will, run into. The actual email said:



Kate Egan said...

Hello Irene!
I'm a student at UArts for illustration, and I was just wondering how you think the economy will affect the illustration market and if it's affecting it currently.
A google search doesn't really provide much insight to this, and I wasn't really sure who else to ask. Not like I can do much about it, but seeing how art auctions are seemingly unaffected by the economy, I thought it was interesting to find out if the other art markets (mainly the one I'm going into) are immune as well.

ces said...

This is going to be fun!

Anonymous said...

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