Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons: "Windy Day" and "Josie's Lalaland"

Over on's Saturday Morning Cartoons, one of my all-time favorites is up this week, "Windy Day" by Faith and John Hubley, and, "Josie's Lalaland."

Earlier in the year I attended an evening of the Hubley's films at the Museum of Modern art. At that point I said, "Rather than trying to recreate the seamlessness of live action film, the Hubley's quirky movements are free and loose and comfortably fall in and out of abstraction.The half-dozen movies shown were good natured, poignant, funny, and beautifully, beautifully drawn. Truly, they were an experience that was only possible through animation -- these were not stories that could have been told in words, pictures, or music alone" Full article here.


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