Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Busy Me Convention Schedule

Egads. This is my convention schedule for the year. I think if I really go to all of these I'd end up hating the planet. I'm not this social. But theoretically, this is where I'll be:

New York Comic Con
February 6-8, center of the world panel on "New Media Publishing" on Saturday at 4:00

February 13-15, Boston, MA

Reverie: Black Workshop
March 28-31, Dallas, TX

May 22-25, Madison, WI

Illustration Master Class
June 15-21, Amherst, MA

San Diego Comic Con
July, 22-26 San Diego, CA

World Con
August 6-10, Montreal

World Fantasy
October, San Jose, CA


John Klima said...

Hope to see you at World Fantasy! I may be at Wiscon for a day, but we'll see.


ces said...

the life of an art director

Mark said...

Geez when do you have time to get any work done?

David Palumbo said...

...Illuxcon? mmmm???

Irene Gallo said...

Gonna try, Dave. It's a tough time, though. (WF and RBL) But all the buzz was so great last time. Something will have to give.

Parka said...

I wish I could go to all. Hahah.

Anonymous said...

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