Sunday, February 01, 2009

Saturday Animations, The Fly and the Eye and Jan Svankmajer

This week, two tales of claustrophia, both absurd, both a little funny. The Fly and the Eye is quick and light. Jan Svankmajer's Darkness-Light-Darkness is a more powerhouse. Both on: Saturday Morning Cartoons.

And, by the way, a link to index of all the animations shown thus far.

And, and, by the way. Suggestions! You got 'em? Then send them my way. Either in the comments or at I still have list in my head that keeps growing but nothing better than to have that derailed by something new (new to me, if not new-new) and exciting.


Anonymous said...


Irene Gallo said...

I did that one a while ago but you have a much better version of it. (the youtube version I used was really dark) I'll replace it when I get a moment. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen that Svankmajer yet, thanks for posting it. All his stuff is so cool.

Anonymous said...

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