Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Society of Illustrators Student Exhibit

Last Friday was the 2009 Society of Illustrators Student exhibition gala. You know its going to be a good show when you turn the corner of 63rd street and Lex and there's a mob of people waiting to get in.

The exhibit was, as the many pro artists/agents/art directors I ran across kept saying, one of the best yet. The work is outstanding, the presentation was great, exhibitors were prepared with business cards and postcard samples. A true rival to the pro annual. As is often stated, it's harder to get into the student exhibit than any pro illustration competition -- 6,000 pieces are entered and only 100-140 are selected. Everyone in the show, deserves a lot of respect. I was surprised by how many students I already knew from various other venues -- Illustration Master Class, workshops, etc. These kids are so clearly thinking of their careers beyond school.

You can view all of the work on display at the Society of Illustrators' site.
Big thanks to the chairman of the show, Scott Bakal.

PHOTOS: TOP: Lots of people
BOTTOM LEFT: Matt Buck and his H.P. Lovecraft portrait.
BOTTOM RIGHT: Kristina Carroll and Andrew Silver next to Silver's painting.

McLean Kendree
Billy Norbby
Tim Durning, Jeff Liu

Earlier post on this exhibit here.


McLean Kendree said...

Hey! That's me! Sweet!

Daniel Fishel said...

I got in late to show to meet and greet, but I am glad you really liked the work there!

Kristina Carroll said...

Awe- such a cute photo of us silly SVA grads! Thanks Irene!

That show was AMAZING. And humbling, and empowering all at the same time. I only wish I could have met more of the other artists!

Eric Braddock said...

Were there name tags? there should be name tags at the society events... you know, for noobs like us who have no clue who anyone looks like, just their artwork. :x

Daniel Fishel said...

Last year there were, but this year, they didn't have name tags at the student show. It was interesting walking up to people... "Are you in the show? ...."

Anonymous said...

There was an amazingly high quality of work this year and yes...the Society was PACKED...only to rival the Editorial show in numbers. The staff was overwhelmed!

Thank you Irene for the great work you do for the Scholarship and albeit brief, it was great to see you there.

It was cool to meet a bunch of students in the show and be able to hand over some cash for their blodd, sweat and tears! Congrats!

dadu shin said...

Hey I'm right in the front in the first picture! Actually I really wanted to introduce myself, but didn't want to interrupt the speeches. But in my head I was saying to myself "That's SAM WEBER. That's DAN DOS SANTOS. That's IRENE GALLO. WHOA." It was an amazing night and amazing show, very humbling. Congrats to everyone!

bill said...

wow, claustrophobia just looking at the pics. as usual being in idaho makes it difficult to get to these things. two years in a row my students have gotten in. if they do it again next year i guess i'll have to take them. what a chore that would be.

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