Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scott Altmann’s MicroVisions

Scott Altmann manages to be both pretty and its opposite, in his MicroVisions. I keep trying to look away,...and then I get sucked in for a closer look.

All the MicroVisions paintings will be in display at the Society of Illustrators throughout May. We'll have details on the auction in about two weeks. Anyone is welcome to buy them all for me.


Bookbarn said...

Hi Irene,

An unrelated question if I may; I was looking for the Tor catalog for Fall 2010 but have not been able to find it anywhere yet. Do you know when it will be available online?

Eric Braddock said...

Scott's personal work is so insane! This is a great little piece. I love this thing he's been doing with the blue splash in a few of his recent works.