Thursday, May 27, 2010

6,600 thank yous

A huge thanks to all that participated in MircoVisions. It was a record-breaking year, at $6,600.00!

Thanks to all the artists and bidders, winners and losers. Sadly, it takes a runner-up to make an auction — we appreciate all of you.

There will be a few more smiling kids next May because of all your efforts.

...Now, who should we get for next year.....


ces said...

martiniere, sparth, picacio, palumbo, mc grath, rossbah, la coste, fortune, paick, weber, wan, marko, coro, . . .

Neil said...

Tran Nguyen -
Erik Jones -
Ashley Wood -
Charles Vess
Paul Pope

Just a couple I can think of now. Of course, you could always ask Greg Ruth back. I could use something to hang next to the Monkey Trike I won last year. :)

Neil said...

Oh, and maybe Chrissie Zullo. -

Chrissie's star is rising for sure. She made her first appearance in Spectrum this year and has illustrated some covers for the Fables comic book series.

Anonymous said...

George Pratt


Phil Hale



These guys are the tops and they have been in spectrum each year, IlluXcon, and every other fantasy and museum shows.

Ejsing said...


Corina St. Martin said...

Mark Zug, Rebecca Guay, Tony Diterlizzi, Eric Fortune, Scott Fischer, Shelley Wan, and James Gurney to name a few.

Corina St. Martin said...

oooh, let me add Adam Rex to that list!