Thursday, May 06, 2010

Julie Bell and The Path of Daggers

This month’s Wheel of Time ebook release features the fabulous Julie Bell!

“In the end, Julie created strong and individual characters, each one looking as competent in their own right as the next, clearly working together for a greater power.”

Check out the article to read the whole story, including a video interview with Julie.


Ray Lederer said...

I absolutely adore Julies Wolf paintings. Talk about taking it to another level. Gorgeous!

fvpaonessa said...

This could be my favourite cover so far. The colours are gorgeous, and so is the lighting, but it's not like I expect any less from Julie Bell. This really is a shot that's been frozen in time.

Beautiful, beautiful work, Julie. Excellent artist choice, Irene.

Julie Bell said...

Wow! Thanks so much!

Simon Fletcher said...

Julie, your work is amazing. I agree with Rayford, those wolves are so well done, so sensitively observed and rendered. The painting give me such a sense of intimacy. Well done!

Anonymous said...

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