Monday, June 04, 2007

Art Out Loud 5: Comics!

It's time for Art Out Loud 5. We've done painting swapping, we've done digital, we've gone it’s time for comics. Klaus Janson, Mike Oeming, and Paolo Rivera will demonstrate their technique while the audience gets to mill about them and ask questions. DC and Marvel Comics will be reviewing portfolio submissions throughout the demo.


Noon - 4:00 PM
The Society of Illustrators, 128 East 63rd Street, New York, NY 10021
$25.00 – Students and SI members / $35.00 – Non members

For tickets, contact the Society of Illustrators at:
212.838.2560 or
(Please note: All previous Art Out Loud events have sold out so order your tickets early.)

Klaus has been working in comics for over 30 years, most notably on Daredevil and Batman:The Dark Knight Returns. Klaus has literally written the book on how to draw comics. His DC guides to Penciling/Inking are staples in the industry. Currently a teacher a the School of Visual Arts, Klaus is sure to be as informative as they get.

Best know for Powers, Mike is one of the few comic artists whose work goes beyond the drawing table. Not only has his art graced the pages of comics such as Judge Dredd and B.P.R.D., but he also has written issues of Thor, Ares, and Red Sonja. His unique style of art and storytelling are beautifully realized in his current creator-owned comic Cross Bronx.

Best know for his Mythos series for Marvel comics, Paolo does what few other artists can: Working in tradition mediums such as gouache and oils, he paints entire issues front to back. His knack for realism, and knowledge of color theory is enough to make the most seasoned of pros envious.

[Report on Art Out Loud 4 : Jim Bennet, Greg Manchess, and Garyy Kelley. Report on Art Out Loud 3 : Donato Giancola and Todd Lockwood.]


Tracy Flynn Art said...

This one sounds like it is going to be extremely interesting......not that the others didn't but there seems to be a bit more to it than the others.

This is a really good thing ya'll are doing.


Irene Gallo said...

Thanks. We keep trying to mix it up each time. We'd also like to do a movie and video game concept art demo at some point. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Lux said...

I am very glad to see that DC and Marvel will be reviewing portfolio submissions, and I would like to ask you a couple of questions about it.

Are they reviewing portfolios in order to find new employees, or are they just offering their professional criticism? If they are looking for people to work for them, then what would you recommend that I put into my portfolio for them to see?

Thank you.

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