Saturday, June 09, 2007


Spectrum has revamped their website -- and with it they have released the cover to Spectrum 14. I'll be making the "News" section a regular stop.

"We intend to try to make the site a regular and frequent stop for browsers, with added information about Spectrum, the annual competition, the other projects we're involved with, and about the fantastic art community as a whole. News and information will be added regularly and we might even slip in the occasional editorial or humorous commentary."

(Anyone that knows Arnie will be looking forward to those commentaries. He is, in fact, very funny and has an opinion or two...or three, or four.)


Carl V. Anderson said...

Amazing cover!!! I was just thinking about S:14 the other day, wishing away the days until it comes out. I'm excited about the change to the website.

Unknown said...

that's quite the cover. They get better and better every year.

so what happened to the James Jean cover? Spectrum didn't want to compete with the SoI?

Irene Gallo said...

I should have mentioned that the cover art is by Andrew Jones.

Arkady - The Society annual has a James Jean cover? Very very cool. How did you see that before me! I assume it's the FABLES cover?

Unknown said...

I saw Kim designing it. She asked me what i thought before she showed it to Kevin. I felt very honored :P.

I's the long piece that was in the Institutional Show. Looks pretty good on the cover.

Travis Louie said...

I'm excited about the new book my "Uncle Six-Eyes" Painting got in it this year.
I just hope the disk Stephen Hickman made for me had the image on it when I fedexed it to them a few months ago.

Living Rope said...

wow ! Androïd Jones on the cover, pretty well deserved ! Since I met him in Paris he's a huge inspiration for me.
I'm getting very excited to get my copy now :D

Anonymous said...

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