Thursday, June 21, 2007

Visiting Day at Tor

I got a surprise visit from John Scalzi yesterday. We talked a little bit about the cover for his new book – a new story arch in the “Old Man’s War” universe. We’ll keep John Harris on the series but, perhaps, try to do something with the layout to set it apart from the story arch that concluded with The Last Colony. Nothing radical, just a subtle something to cue the reader that they don’t need to have read the other three books first.

David Grove is being inducted into the Illustrators Hall of Fame tonight. He stopped by the office yesterday for a quick Tor tour. I’ve worked with David for a few years but this is the first time we’ve met. I have to say, it makes a big difference in the working relationship when you have a personal connection with the artist. Face-to-face contact is to email what an original painting is to a jpeg -- not necessary to get the job done but it makes doing the job a whole lot more enjoyable. It turns out that David is a charming guy who is quick to laugh and has some strong opinions. In other words, excellent company.


John Scalzi with Pablo Defendini, mass market cover designer. (And Whatever and Art Department commentator.)

David Grove and Heather Elmer.

Team Wolfe in my office, left to right: Greg Manchess, who did the covers and interior drawings for Gene Wolfe’s Wizard Knight series. David Hartwell, Gene Wolfe’s editor, showing off an early galley of Pirate Freedom. David Grove, who did the covers and interior drawings for Soldier of Sidon and Pirate Freedom.


Jorge Mascarenhas said...

Well deserved award to David Grove.

Irene Gallo said...

Well deserved, in deed. I was super excited for David and Gary Kelley. (The other HoF inductee.) I'll have a full report of the event in the next day or so.

Jorge Mascarenhas said...

Wow! Gary was inducted too? That's so cool! Gary is one of the artists that keeps me inspired..and a great person as well. I'll be looking for the full report..

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