Thursday, June 05, 2008

Leyendecker and Museum Mile

Long term readers know that I love J. C. Leyendecker. I was very sorry to miss the opening of "Americans Abroad: J.C Leyendecker and the European Influence on American Illustration" at the Society of Illustrators while I was out of town. I had a few minutes to spare last night so I ran up to give myself a quick preview. Holy cow, is this show phenomenal. Leyendecker's grace is unparalleled. His brushwork is so confident and never labored, every painting just sings with life. Above are a few quick details. I'll show more when I am able to get a better look at the exhibit.

The show runs through July 12. This is a rare opportunity to view these one hundred paintings, many of which are owned in private collections. If you're in the area, it's well worth the effort to come check it out. There is a catalog of the exhibit with very nice reproductions available through the Society's website.

What I was actually on my way to was the Museum Mile Festival. Fifth Avenue becomes a big block party once a year and all the museums are open late and open free. I was a bit too frazzled from work to settle into museum-mode, especially with so many people stuffed into them, but it was a beautiful day to walk down the center of Fifth Avenue and be around the buzz of museum goers.


ces said...

Reminds me of Rockwell. Busier though. Not as sparse.

Ian T. Kirkpatrick said...

Leyendecker is absolutely incredible! I love the chariot painting, and his "Arrow" man paintings are absolutely masterful with a great sense of design and skill!

Health Incognito said...

Ces: Yes, especially the one of the child on the carnival horse....

Old School Illustrator said...

J.C. Leyendecker was an illustration god, which is why standing in front of one of his originals is a religious experience!
Thanks for the posting Irene!!!

ces said...

Stephanie: Yes!

Tracy Flynn Art said...

although wonder work.....the dude with the spear is some seriously forced perspective, and just doesn't work for me. From these examples I'd rather see Rockwell, but will research more to get the full picture.

Thanks for opening a door Irene.


Tracy Flynn Art said...

........that actually is supposed to say "wonerfull" work...


Tracy Flynn Art said...

uh........"wonderful" is the actuall word I am looking for............


Grey Thornberry said...

thanks for this post, I almost missed the show - luckily SOI's not far from where I work so I can swing by over lunch

Irene Gallo said...

Tracy - You must be taking typing lessons from me! ;-)

V Fish said...

Oh man, I got to see a Leyendecker that was going into a personal collection in Newport the last day it was taken from public viewing. - and it just makes you realise how much of an art geek you are to get excited by it :)

Tracy Flynn Art said...

"the dude with the spear is some seriously forced perspective, and just doesn't work for me. "

The above quote is being humbley retracted, for reasons I am about toe explain........


and number 2:

the difference between a flat screen monitor and a regular rounded screen.....if you don't have a flat screen monitor and are viewing art...beware of distortion!

Although I have had a flat screen for a while.......I had to use a different one due to an unforxeen lightning strike, and that doesn't mix with montors at times even with a surge that i am back to a flat screen, my opinion of the archer dude has changed.......still not my favourite image, but it is not a force or wonky perspective.

So if you don't have a flat wary of preespective.....


Tracy Flynn Art said...

.........ok the bad spelling and typing is natural and not due to the scotch or the monitor........


corny said...

just saw the show today. its pretty amazing.

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