Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eric Drooker's fantastical New York

A tweet from Richard Solomon pointed me to Eric Drooker's website. Smitten with my city for 20+ years, I can testify to the complete accuracy of these reportage paintings.


A. L. Ryder said...

Drooker's paintings have a kind of quiet magic about them.

Moshe said...

I love his stuff. It's just the kind of thing I get The New Yorker for. Have you seen some of the great book-related ones he's done? There's one with giant books and a tiny human figure (evokes De Chirico, I think), another with a guy sitting precariously atop a tall pile of books among other such piles, and yet another with the 5th Ave. library made into an Egyptian monument. All just wonderful.

To my mind, he's right up there with Bruce McCall for work with this kind of offbeat, sort of alternate-reality, sense of humor.