Monday, December 07, 2009

Mondays of Madness

I’ve been blown away by the response to the Cthulhu art thread. A big “thank you” to all the participants -- doodler, pro, and Play-Doh-er alike. Honestly, I was worried no one would respond — figured I’d be the girl wearing a party hat in an empty room — but you guys are awesome and it’s a blast watching it grow.

If you missed it, above is just one image from the thread, by Ture Ekroos. I’ll highlight a new one each Monday through December — for the full onslaught, check out our art jam, or better yet, join in!


Amy Sisson said...

That one is gorgeous! I love the light, esp. on the rocks.

David B. Ellis said...
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David B. Ellis said...

Its no surprise to me that there's been so much response. Of all the science fiction and fantasy subjects I paint the Cthulhus always sell fastest and for the highest prices.

The Cthulhu mythos has a lot of VERY enthusiastic fans.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Okay...confession. Before this post, didn't know who or what Cthulhu was. (Then again, though I grew up in LA during the 70's, I managed to miss Tolkien too). After seeing and reading all this beautiful, though slightly creepy artwork, poetry, etc. I'm determined to remedy the situation. Have my first Lovecraft book on hold at the library. Thanks, Irene. You've informed the ignorant.

Irene Gallo said...

Amy - it's great. I'm having a blast going through and learning about all kinds of new artists.

David - it wasn't so much Cthulhu that I doubted, it was more like feeling insecure that nobody would want to come and play in our sandbox.It's tough to get artists to speak up sometimes...its good to remind myself that they communiate most when they can cmmunicate with pictures.

Kim - I hadn't read any until we started this program. I know it's terrible. But I've been having fun learning up. I bought the Joyce Carol Oats edited collection with Mike Mignola on the cover. And I really love listening to these guys:

tlchang said...

Have you seen the John Jameson Whiskey commercial? full of tenticley goodness:

Ture Ekroos said...

Thanks for featuring my work on your blog Irene! I'm an avid reader of the blog myself. I'm glad your worries on no one responding on your Ctulhu thread were unfounded, I think many artists actually love these kinds of things, especially when it's something so easy to relate to as Lovecraft. It's fun to see everyone's interpretation on a familiar subject.

Heh, I feel a bit ashamed now that you've linked my site on your blog as the newest work there is over two years old, but I'm currently working on an update :)

Anonymous said...