Monday, December 07, 2009

A thousand apologies!

Or at least 80-100 apologies.

I was getting ridiculous amounts of spam a while back. It's still in the system, junking everything up. So I turned on moderation for posts over a week old and then I promptly forgot about it. I never went back to check for real comments hidden in the weeds.

I am apologies to the 90ish peolpe that posted and only now made it on the site. There were a lot of great comments and a number first-time commentators.

I have turned moderation back off...hopefully the spamming has subsided. If not, I'll be more careful next time.


ces said...

I don't know how your spamming turn-off works, but is there an option that says "turn off spammin for -number- days?" The other idea is to put a reminder to "turn off spamming" in your online calendar.

P.S. Now we know why my posts were deleted - probably my real email box (the part after the at-sign) is considered spam.

Irene Gallo said...

CES: Nothing here will effect what is written on That's a completely different site with different programming and technical issues. But you'll find plenty of dissenting voices on the site, no fears about that.

Nick Rose said...

Its the best thing to do Irene. Once you become noticed by the world, as you are, you also become a target. Happy Holidays! I hope you take some more great pictures. I just love the ones you post. What a wonderful eye you have.

pw! said...

Hi Irene!
it was really nice meeting you last night at the Society (I was a friend of Scott Brundage and Chris Whetzel's), and getting to put a face to your blog! keep up the awesome work and hope to see everybody again

Jeff said...

I still see some spam here in your review of a Jeff Jones showing in '07. Fight the tide!