Friday, January 08, 2010

Idiots' Books complete Makers

A huge congrats to Idiots’ Books for finishing up 81 illustrations for the 81 segments of Cory Doctor’s Makers.

I have to admit, when Pablo Defendini first brought up the idea of serializing the book in so many chapters, I never thought we’d be able to get something visually interesting for that long a haul. Liz Gorinsky suggested Idiots’ Books and, 6 months later, they have created a beautiful, engaging, funny, wall-of-imagery that looks just as good together as it does in its parts. The fact the you can spin and rearrange each segment is mindboggling icing on the cake, but really, I love seeing the passages as they created it. Awesome, guys!

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DrawingRobbi said...

Ha ha, I had no idea you were an expert on home financing, Irene -

I have to admit we were equally skeptical that we could last 81 chapters - but are really happy with how it turned out. We'll send the analog version of the tile game to you once we have it - hopefully sending files to the printers this week (as long as Baby #2 doesn't arrive first!).

Thanks for the shout-out.