Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sam Weber and The Shadow Rising

I’m very excited to present the next of our Wheel of Time re-packaged ebook covers: The Shadow Rising with art by Sam Weber.

When we started this project I knew we wouldn’t have an artist more primed to be involved than Sam. He’s a huge fan of the series and it shows.

If you are fan of Sam’s and/or The Wheel of Time, head over to to see him interviewed on video, read his essay about his cover and the motivations of the character he chose to depict, and see process images of the painting.

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Shane Rebenschied said...

I love the muted tones, the lighting, and the texture in his jacket. Well directed and amazingly executed. Do you happen to know if Sam works with the watercolor/acrylic combo on watercolor paper, or is it some sort of board? Also, when the final piece is finished (I've been wondering about this same thing with Manchess' paintings), how do they get it into a digital format? When I was in art school it was either get a professionally-shot transparency and have that scanned or, if the piece is small enough, get it drum scanned. Thanks very much for posting this Irene!

Unknown said...

This was a very interesting read Irene!

Sam has such a great style and it was interesting to see / read the interview.

Thanks !!!

Brun Croes

Tim Durning said...

Thanks for the in-depth look into this cover. I was excited to hear that you guys were doing new WoT covers, and doubly so to see Sam's approach.

zimm said...

I used to want to be Randall Enos for a day, now I want to be Sam Weber for a day. Thanks for reminding me Irene!

Michael Oxley said...

Irene, are there any plans to release these beautiful covers in a printed form? A calendar or litho plates, perhaps?


By Scott Flanders said...

Go Sam!