Friday, January 01, 2010

Terrible Yellow Eyes comes to a close.

Cory Goodbey put the cap on his “Where the Wild Things Are” tribute site, Terrible Yellow Eyes, yesterday.

“My goal all along for TYE was to honor the book and express my love for it in pictures because I just couldn’t do it with words, no matter how hard I tried. I’ve been humbled by the response of so many incredibly hard working, gifted artists.” CORY GOODBEY

It’s a phenomenal site. As a fan I love it because just about every image is a heart-breaker, or at least a grin-starter. As an art director, it is a priceless collection of artists’ links. The contributions may have come to close but there are countless hours of exploration within it. Thank you Cory and everyone that participated.

Seen here: Luisa Uribe


bill said...

It was a great experience to be part of. Cory did a great job bringing it all together and getting the whole thing recognition. How about Dr. Seuss next?

Unknown said...

I submitted mine, and he didn't deem it worthy. What do you guys think? It seemed Corey picked a list full of pals and chose them to submit, leaving the others out.

bill said...

Never met him, don't know him. Cory was extremely generous in giving his time and effort to this project. I'm not sure how he chose images for his site but as far as the gallery show it was the gallery itself doing the choosing. Plenty of things out there to submit things to. No need for sour grapes.

Irene Gallo said...

I have had some experience in curating projects so I know the heartache of no being able to include everything you would like....or realizng after the fact that you would have changed some decisions.

Cory did a great job. There might be good work that needed to be left out for one reason or another, but the sum of his project is outstanding.