Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pablo Defendini and I speak!

Dragon Page has a podcast with Pablo Defendini and me, talkin‘bout, what else, Kudos to them for putting together something coherent. While Pablo was in NY, I was freezing out on a balcony off a barn in the middle of a valley. It was the only place I could almost get reception. After three or four dropped calls we finally got into a grove. Despite that, it was really fun to do. The Dragon Page crew were super gracious. I was nervous at first but they and made us feel at ease in no time.


tarosan said...

WoW! = cool to hear you guys talk about ...but man - what's up with the first story there? the one on the Twilight books? those webcast guys really ripped into Meyer (in a passive aggressive way). They seem to have a pretty low opinion of the work....and then they even suggest they'd have the author on their show! WhatEVAr!

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