Friday, July 14, 2006

The Hugos

John Scalzi makes a plea to vote for the Hugo. Let me just add, vote for your artists as well! Please take the time to consider each artist and what their contribution to the field has been throughout the year. The fact that just four artists have won the Hugo in the past 25+ years is a bit disconcerting. I do not wish to take anything away from those artist, they are well deserving of much recognition, but how so many other worthy artists have been overlooked is unfathomable to me.

Donato Giancola has been one of the most influential sf/f artist of the past twenty years and yet, he has never won the Hugo. No one can touch the sophistication and lyricism of Kinuko Craft -- never won a Hugo. John Jude Palencar has been creating images that haunt (and sometimes horrify) for decades -- no Hugo. Jon Foster has given covers more energy and emotion than we have seen in a long time. John Harris. John Berkey. All of these guys have deserved more recognition throughout the years than is apparent from the Hugos.

With everyone having a website these days, it's easier than ever to quickly research and learn more about the artist that have been nominated....and it's fun. Make the award more meaningful to everyone who has, and will, win by giving it the same consideration as the writer's categories.


John Scalzi said...

I'm definitely voting the artist category. So that's one, at least.

AnJaka said...

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