Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thumbnails: Daniel Dos Santos

Thumbnails: 30 Second Interviews

Daniel Dos Santos is one of the genre's rising stars. In just a few years he's gone from being a rookie to a steady stream of book covers and gaming cards. Above is his cover painting for Christopher Pike's young adult novel, The Yanti.

What is your dream assignment?
Fully painted adaptation of the comic, X-Men #1.

Your most embarrassing illustration moment?

Left my painting in front of a space heater to dry,
and burned it like a marshmallow!

A career highlight?
Playing Pictionary with Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell...and winning. ;)


Josh Jasper said...

Good art. The structure of the dragons is especialy good. They look like there was a lot of thought put into how they would move.

Anthony Schiavino said...

I am just a huge fan of Daniel's work. Every cover that passed by my desk made me get all tingly inside like a child at Christmas. I really have to say he's one of my favorite contemporary cover artists.

Boris and Julie said...

Hey Dan:

If we had known that you would get such a kick out of winning pictionary we would have let you win the first game too, man!!! Oh, well, next time...

Boris and Julie

Irene Gallo said...

Boris and Julie,

Ha! I was going to mention that the only reason Dan's team won that game was because of his excellent guess-ers.


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