Friday, July 14, 2006


I really don't mean for this blog to be so Tor-centric but...

Shriek just came into the office and I love what our senior designer, Peter Lutjen, did with this Jonathan Edwards photograph. The interior design department (which is oddly separate from the art department) created a great text layout for the book as well.


J Crowley said...

Tor seems to have some excellent covers done by pretty amazing artists. What's more, there's a pretty clear indication that the artist has read at least a part of the book.

I've seen some terrible ones recently from other publishers, mostly on an archive of international covers of Philip K. Dick's novels over the years. The ones used on the most recent publishing run by Vintage are particularly insipid. They look like something an eighth grader would've whipped up in MSPaint at the last minute for a school project they hated. And the very pixellated reference to the poem about the torso of Apollo really doesn't have the effect one assumes they were going for.

Anyway, this is indeed another great cover, and, as always, I am impressed.

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