Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frank Frazetta: Rough Work

I've mentioned how much I love seeing sketches and process work...Rough Work is a collection of just that from Frank Frazetta -- brought to us by the good folks of Spectrum and due out in stores any day now.

"This book gives fans an intimate glimpse of Frazetta's creative process by showcasing not only black-and-white and full-color drawings from his sketchbooks, but concept art as well, showing the artist's raw imagination and problem-solving skills. Printed on deluxe art paper and featuring personal and previously unpublished material, these “rough works” offer a fascinating look at how a modern master creates."


Tracy Flynn Art said...

I have to say that I have been waiting on this book for months now and have enjoyed the anticipation of it coming to fruition ever since I heard of the initial idea. Most of the times I end up liking the roughs better than the finial piece......and can't wait to see some stuf from Frank that I have not seen least I hope there will be some.

Thank you Arnie and Cathy.


DesLily said...

have you ever checked out Ken Kelly?

Excellent artist.. also through marriage related to Frank Frazetta..

Carl V. Anderson said...

Picked up my copy the other day. It is a lovely book, a must have for Frazetta fans. The Fenners have done another amazing job. I wish they would do art books for all the artists that I enjoy.

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