Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yuko Shimizu is Super Phat

I just got back from this opening in Chelsea:

September 12-29, 2007

601 W 26st. 15th floor, NYC 10001

It’s an exhibit of Japanese alumni of SVA. Mainly I went to see Yuko Shimizu’s two large scale drawings. She does amazing work — smart, sexy, simultaneously funny and disturbing, like a hipster version of the racier side of Dr. Seuss. This was the first I have been able to see something other than a digital print...well worth the trip to the way west side.


Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

There is something about these, like Amano's work that makes you want to just get a big paper and draw all over it isn't there? I like big drawings. Alan Lee had something like that effect on me when I saw his Lord of The Rings drawings in a show-just huge sheets of paper with this ambling drawing all over it, and lots of open negative space. These are also very cool and you're right, worth the hike to see them.

Yuko Shimizu said...

Hi Irene!
I am so sorry I missed you last night. I would have loved to say hello. Thank you SO much for coming. that was so nice of you.
I am glad you liked the show.
Hope to see you soon.
Thank you gain!

Lou Anders said...

Wish I had a better view. Reminiscent of Revolver from what I can see...

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