Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Society of Illustrators Call for Entries

The Society of Illustrators' Call for Entries is out. Deadline is October 1, as it is every year. Cool artwork by Carlos Nine.

This is the big 50th. I believe it is the longest running illustration annual -- but someone should correct me on that if I am wrong. The Society is hard at work creating an artbook that celebrates each of those fifty books. More on that as it evolves.


Julien alday said...

Bonjour, Irene ! ^^
You can not have a better choice than Carlos Nine, for me ! I'm following that "Big 50th" event closely. Thank you, as always, for sharing such informations with us.

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is great, has a Saturday Evening Post feel to it that I like.

Unknown said...

looking great. I guess it time to stop slacking.

Anonymous said...

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