Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hugo and Chesley Awards

Congrats to all the Chesley and Hugo award winners!

Exciting that Tor got The Big One -- Best Novel, Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End. (Truthfully, it was the cool Martiniere cover, wasn't it.)

A special shout-out to Patrick Nielsen Hayden for Best Editor. Woo hoo! (Bring that thing into work, Patrick, it looks one of the coolest rockets in memory.)

And huge congrats to Donato Giancola for Best Professional Artist. I know Dan well and I know he continues to be concerned that the field's breadth of artists are honored. Without wishing for another dynasty of one or two winners, I believe Dan truly deserves this for all the same reasons he did last year.

And woo-hoos to all the Chesley Award winners! (Have I exceeded my daily quota of exclamation points yet?) The full results can be seen at SF Awards Watch. Too many friends on this list for individual Ups...except, John Jude Palencar for Artistic Achievement. He has a unique and dignified vision that befits this recognition. (The idea that he has not won a Hugo or World Fantasy award is beyond me.) Congrats, John!

I am very honored to have received the Best Art director Award -- particularly so since it is voted on by the artists that I admire so much. Working with them makes my job a joy. The competition was especially strong this year, with great work coming from Pyr, Night Shade, and others. I'd have been very happy to be congratulating them right now. (But damn you, guys, now I have to work harder to keep up.)


tlchang said...

Congratulations on your own award! It is always a delight to see the book covers coming from Tor. I appreciate the work you do!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Congratulations to you! You certainly have MY vote, year after year. Your work, your influence, has caused my home to be filled with many a Tor book purchased because the cover art sang its siren song to me. You deserve it, congrats.

Paul Weimer said...

You deserve your award! Congradulations!

Harley-Rebel said...

Congrats on your award!

robin_chyo said...

congrats, irene! you definitely deserved it! :-)

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